An Empire of Brotherly Love

Fragments Part 2 - Forced Relocation

I have reigned in Philadelphia as Regent of the Docks for nigh on seven decades. To find that power so abruptly wrenched from betwixt my fingers was startling; to be informed that I must leave the city I called home for a century is downright cruel. And then to watch my territory be handed over to that scheming bitch Evelyn – it was almost too much to bear. The Beast called for her blood; I wanted to wrap my fingers ’round her skinny throat and throttle her, to wrench her limbs from their sockets and throw her damaged body into a blazing fire.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The note from Clinton St. John came as something of a surprise. A new Prince in town? Gloria eliminated before I could get to her myself? So very…frustrating. Dispatching of her with mine own two hands would have been nothing short of satisfying. (There seems to be somewhat of a theme this evening – my blood is boiling. I cannot vouch for the safety of whom so ever crosses me next.)

He spoke of a dream he had to unite the two cities under one rule, a sprawling powerhouse with himself at its head. He borrowed heavily from the black man that also had a dream. If I accepted his offer I would become Special Envoy Romano, granted the first pick of any territory when he came into his kingdom. Refusal was execution, a blood hunt declared as soon as I left the property. My choice was obvious.

St. John granted this night and the next to settle my affairs. Before I left he spoke of how he planned on disposing of Otto, gesturing to the man that had been unconscious in a chair whilst we spoke. I recognized him as the missing Oak King; I convinced our new prince to spare his life, though he staked Otto before we left.

Arranging to leave the city wasn’t as difficult as I’d imagined it would be. Angelo saw to our travel arrangements and accommodations in New York, opting to leave Vinny in charge while we are away. I informed him that war with the Pollocks must wait; at my behest he made peace and will now be focusing on forcing his way into the scene in New York.

Our travel the next night would have been peaceful if I were leaving the city of my own volition. But my thoughts kept returning to everything that I had just lost, all the years I’d spent gathering power wasted on the whim of a man with crazy ideals. Rage bubbled within me, threatening to spill over. I seethed silently, but Angelo must have known something was amiss. He took the first opportunity he could to leave my presence, hunting for a new place I would call home.

That left me to do my own hunting. I didn’t want to go far; I wanted something more than a quickie in a corner. A true feast, no holding back, retreating to my room to make an event of it. I’d even toyed with the idea of another lackey while I was on the way here. And why not? I know no one; mortal connections are better than none at all.

I found my mark in the hotel bar. Young enough, comely, blathering on about his yacht. It should have been easy. Slide up, flash a smile, take him back to my suite…

“I hardly think so,” he scoffed.

The proverbial straw. All the anger I’d felt for the past two nights came back to me in that moment. Gloria’s hired agents, her death before I could respond, Eve’s smirking face as she took my lands, losing everything in one stroke. I felt the beast inside me, snarling at this new slight. Red hot rage. I didn’t even try to reign it in.

I lunged.


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