Experience may only be spent during downtime. I will let you know when that is. All experience expenditures need to be approved, and occasionally will require in game explanations, particularly for non-skill purchases.

Non-Core Cruac rituals can be learned, if you find a teacher.

A number of merits will need to be delineated if they exist in Philadelphia or in New York. These should be pretty obvious. Covenant and Clan Status need to be taken for each city individually (For example, Status (Circle of the Crone, Philadelphia) 2.)

Domain rules from Damnation City are in effect. Corvée can be found on page 198 of Damnation City. It is a tax owed in exchange for land or feeding rights. (Everyone owes corvée to the Prince for the right to reside and hunt in his territory. Any land granted by the Prince comes with corvée. Those who have been given no acreage or feeding rights within the city owe no corvée.)

Please use the Character Template to show your character sheet on the characters tab. Keep your character up to date because if I need to know one of your stats I may look there rather than ask you.

Game date will begin in 2006, but the setting will likely remain “contemporary” throughout. Assume the game is crossover free, though I reserve the right to introduce other supernatural creatures I have no plans to do so at the games beginning.

Core rules will be modified by replacing Willpower, Virtue and Vice with Fate points and aspects.
You will each begin with 3-5 Aspects, while developing these you should think about both how they will help you, as well as how they might make things harder for you; a good aspect does both. Your High Concept is a phrase that sums up who your character is. Your Trouble is the thing that always causes you problems, a personal weakness, an important obligation, etc. Finally you have between 1 and 3 additional aspects that say something important or interesting about your character.

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